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Intempus Music Bio

Coby Sturgeon, known by his music moniker Intempus, has been a striving independent artist since the beginning of his music career. Determined to carve his own path in the new music industry landscape, he learned how to produce, engineer and navigate the music business by graduating with a Recording Arts Degree from the reputable American River College recording program and a Music Business B.A. from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusettes. 

“With the changes in the music industry since the digital revolution, I’m seeing artists like Pretty Lights, Deadmau5, Gramatik, Imogen Heap and so many others navigate the industry their own way and I respect that. I want to do the same. I’ve learned a lot and know I still have a lot to learn but I like the challenge.”

The music producer/audio engineer has self-produced and engineered 2 EP releases and 3 beat tapes accumulating more than 15,000 plays on Soundcloud almost strictly through word of mouth. The music has evolved into a fusion of “chill” electronic music and lo-fi hip hop. 

The 3 beat tapes were released a month right after the other due to the Intempus project called “#newmusicdaily”. The artist would make a song and release it that day on Instagram, then pick his favorites at the end of the month and release a compilation beat tape. 

“The #newmusicdaily project was a challenge for me to not only streamline my workflow, which allowed me to find and hone my style, but also encourage others to create every day and see the progress. Many creatives get stuck in thought and a project doesn’t get completed, so I wanted to flip the idea around and see what happens if I just put out music with a hard deadline”. 

The #newmusicdaily ran on Instagram from September 2017 to December 2017. The result was 3 beat tapes totaling about 1 hour 30 minutes of music and about 100 new organic followers. 

The independent artist is now working on a new project called “Mobile Music Making” on YouTube. 

“The goal of the Mobile Music Making project is to make music in an inspiring place with a minimal setup and see what comes out of it. I find a lot of inspiration in the outdoors and I want to make music when I’m in that inspiring area instead of trying to recreate that inspiration in the studio. Minimalism has been a personal goal of mine, to get rid of clutter and focus on having things that I’m happy with. I want to bring that idea into my music and music workflow, so when I find an inspiring spot I want to make something with a minimal setup for the Mobile Music Making project”. 

The aspiring artist has plans to travel and explore the world with this Mobile Music Making project. 

“I hope people will enjoy the project enough to allow me to take it to the next level”. 

Artist Statement

"My work in electronic music conceptualizes the idea that music can transcend time. With the new technology available we can literally hear the past and future coincide in music. Sampling from old recordings that have existed for decades and fusing them with electronic synthesis creates a work of art that embodies a true culmination of cultures separated by time. Recreating the sound of those recordings and fusing them with new production styles extends the musical palette to sounds we have yet to hear."

"The sounds I choose to work with is typically my main focus. The tones of the instruments I use is important to me because the way they have been recorded is one way our minds subconsciously guess the age of a recording. The electronic sounds vary, but I choose them based on how expressive they are and if they tell their own story. To bring all of the sounds together, I make sure to give them an interesting sonic environment, giving the song a unique place to live that listeners will get comfortably lost in. When all of these criteria are met, I know I have something that I can be proud of."

"I believe art seeks truth through imagination. Seeking truth is a great tool for an artist because we can accurately reflect an experience. We can relay human experiences for people to understand and realize connections in the world that may not always be easy to understand, but can become easier to understand through a person’s artwork."

"My current work is focused on finding unique sonic environments, instruments, and electronic sounds that create a piece of art that is musically beautiful and occasionally hard-hitting. My schooling and personal research inspires me to keep my mind open wide to the world, to continually learn and to be in the search for truth to seek the universe’s relationships. That exploration inspires me to create something that challenges others to be constantly in the search for knowledge, know themselves and challenge what they know."

- Intempus

Personal Bio

I can't express to you how much it means to me that there are people listening to my music. All I want to do is create in this world. It's humbling to know even one person enjoys what I've done. 

If there's one main thing I would like you to know about me, it's this: I'm an introvert. I'm not the most talkative, I communicate in a different way. Through music.

I love to create, read, listen, watch. I'm a general observer. Take me out somewhere, I'll point out the picture we passed, the mural we missed, that sound, that person, that place. I like the journey just as much as the destination.