A Look into The Drive Up North 

I am very excited to drop this new EP, The Drive Up North.


I've been traveling, working, creating music, taking photos and shooting videos these past few months. I like to take my time in between projects to really develop an idea rather than put out something with no purpose. Here is what I've been up to lately. 

I moved to LA last year for various reasons, but mainly to change my environment and create more music. I've learned a lot during my time in the big city and have been continuously shaping and evolving the concept behind Intempus Music. In the beginning of 2017, I shared with everyone the aesthetic of my music by sharing photos and videos that speak to the feelings I want my music to convey. Music can be so many things and with the right imagery coupled with it, the sounds can build an idea or shape an interesting moment in time. I've shared the visual part of the music, now I want to share the music. 

This new EP, "The Drive Up North", is my musical perspective of my journey back home to Sacramento from Los Angeles, California. I always take this scenic drive across California from Los Angeles to my hometown, Sacramento, whenever I want to go back and see family and friends. The Drive is beautiful, engaging and pleasingly haunting at times when you view the countless rows of farming and human engineering. There have been moments when I've taken this trip where I began to build a song in my head with sounds that I feel represent moments during the Drive. That is what "The Drive Up North" is; my representation of moments in time during my nostalgic journey back home. 

I'm excited to share this EP with you guys because it's the truest manifestation of Intempus Music to date. I used to sample a lot of artists in my past compositions, but this time I wanted to create something that is wholly from my own mind. I've done that, and am very happy with the result. 

Many of you know me personally and know my music has been built mainly by word of mouth. I am very appreciative and proud of that. I encourage you to keep it up and I promise I will keep making art that will give you a reason to do so. 

Thank you, 

- Intempus

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