Here are the results of the ACLU fundraiser from Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Look at what we did! 

First of all, it was amazing to see how many people were actively participating with this last minute campaign. Friends, family and music supporters from this small (but growing!) Intempus Music community. A thank you is definitely in order. So THANK YOU :) 

The results: 

Here are the results from yesterday's ACLU fundraiser. Through the collective efforts of the artists on, we've raised over $1,000,000! That's 550% of the normal sales made on Fridays for Bandcamp. Bandcamp's share is about 12%, the other 88% goes directly to supporting independent artists such as myself. With a music industry that's suffered a massive blow to its business structure due to the advancements in our Age of Information, we are the ones carving out the way music was always meant to be shared and received. 

My music is an extension of who I am. To turn this music into a business, that means that my business must be an extension of who I am as well. That's why I took this opportunity to support this cause. I want you to know, not only did you help this cause, but your support goes directly toward helping me achieve my goals. I can take my next steps as an artist! 

This campaign Became Huge!

This campaign was to also help raise awareness. We did that. This fundraiser was shared on NPR, Billboard, Huffington Post, Vogue, the ACLU and more! It's amazing to know we were apart of this project. 

I want to share this piece directly from bandcamp's update because it I agree with it very much: 

“The bands you like and the books you read and companies whose products you enjoy are all run by people who hold opinions on how the world should work and how other people should be treated. Some of them are going to make those views more specific than others, but everyone’s got their line-in-the-sand where they’re not going to be able to keep it to themselves any longer. In a world where everything is influenced by political decisions, ‘staying non-political’ actually means defaulting to the status-quo and endorsing what’s happening in the system – expecting people who sell you things to do that, no matter how harmful the system might be to them and things they care about, is unreasonable. This applies to you too, of course – you have every freedom to stop supporting Bandcamp and to explain why you don’t agree with them, but by doing so you are being just as ‘political’ as them – we all are, that’s the point. Pretending that you’re advocating some higher plane of art when you’re really just maintaining the status quo is dishonest and unhelpful. It’s not as if Bandcamp ever even pretended to be apolitical. Their entire business model is a reflection of their social and ethical convictions, which they happily explain every year when they publish their accounts.” 

Guys, how can I say this. This didn't have to happen, but we made it happen. I hope you will continue to be active in what you believe in and live your life deliberately. I also hope that you will continue to be apart of future Intempus projects and be apart of new ways of enjoying the music you listen to.

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