I’m partnering with Bandcamp’s stance on the Executive Order

You can read the full Executive Order here.

Today, I’m standing with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values. A political issue like the Executive Order issued will always be hard to talk about because many people will have differing points of view. I want to share a bit of my heritage because it’s helped shape my point of view on an issue like this. I’m a 2nd generation Mexican-American. My grandparents came here and started their new lives by working in the farm fields. They are the reason I’m here, and the reason I can make music. 

98% of U.S. citizens are descendants of immigrants, who can share the stories of their ancestors’ journey like I can with my grandparents. We’ve become a nation of immigrants because we’re a nation of justice, equality and freedom to pursue a better life (the United States started as an immigrant nation as well). 

I would like to think we are still a country who stands for these values, even with the Executive Order that was issued barring immigrants and refugees from 7 Middle Eastern countries (Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia which are the same that were identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror) from entering the U.S. Not to mention the fear and intolerance being placed into the hearts of many towards Mexicans and Mexican Americans by building a wall. I agree that knowledge and empathy are the best weapons to fear and intolerance. So that’s why I’m partnering with Bandcamp today, Friday February 3rd 2017, to raise awareness of this issue. 

If you download my new song “Dusk till Dawn” on Bandcamp today, Bandcamp’s share of the proceeds (15% of any purchase made on Bandcamp today, Friday February 3rd) will go to the American Civil Liberties Union who are working to combat discriminatory and unconstitutional actions. 

(Click here or click the picture to go to the donate and download page)

The ACLU is a 97-year old non-profit who has already raised $10 Million and their membership has doubled since the November election from 400,000 to 1 million members.

I want more people to have the opportunity I’ve been given by my hard-working ancestors. I agree we should be proactive with our security, but I think we need to remember the values we want to uphold. A political issue like this is definitely hard to talk about and many people will have differing points of view, but I can’t help but think if there was a ban like this when my grandparents wanted to move to the U.S. Honestly, I might not be where I am now. I’m doing this partly as a thank you to them. 

Anyway, If you feel the same, then this can be a small outlet to contribute. If you donate and download “Dusk til Dawn” today, I’ll also send you a personal email thanking you for contributing along with the song. 

This is a cause dear to me because of my ancestry. I realize not everyone has the same story I do, but I’m sharing to give you something to consider. Thank you.

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