Sacramento’s Beat Producers come out at Sol Collective’s Synthphonic Sundays

Sol Collective, a non-profit group focused on arts, culture and activism for Northern Californian artists, has given a platform for beat producers to come and play their creations to the creative community. 

Sacramento’s music scene is diverse due to its location and people in the area. There’s a strong community of bands, cover and original, who have venues to perform. Singer-songwriters thrive at the many coffee shops around the city. Hip-hop artists and rappers have stages around the area to either get conscious or turn up at. EDM artists are finding a place in the area due to the Sacramento Music Festivals. Now with the new Golden One stadium in the heart of downtown, huge acts are starting to make Sacramento a stop on their tours. There’s another style of music that Sacramento should hear; the beat scene. There hasn’t been a place or event for the beat producers in Sacramento to show their creations, until now. 

I’m a Sacramento native and have been a “bedroom producer” for years, making downtempo electronic beats and releasing them on Soundcloud. Since there has never really been a platform to perform my music in the Sacramento area, I kept my music under wraps and moved to Los Angeles to learn and grow more. Coming back to my hometown, I was happy to learn about Synthphonic Sundays, an event Sol Collective puts on every 4th Sunday for local beat producers to get together and play their beats. I want to share with you my experience at the May 2017 Synthphonic Sunday show. 

The show started at 8pm. I walked in at 8:30, mid-set of one of the local beat producers. It was a modest group, mostly the beat producers who were going to perform and some true beat heads. One of the guys working the event came up and reminded me to drop a donation for the event. It was Christian, aka The Philharmonik (@thephilharmonik). I’m down. It’s good to help the local arts scene. 

We started talking. I was telling him I’m a Sacramento native, beat producer now based in LA and loved what they were doing for the beat producers in the area. It was all genuine, a good talk, which set the vibe for me for the whole event. 

The sound engineer came up to me and we talked for a little bit. I was starting to get a feel for the people at Sol. It’s what you want from an arts community; genuine, chill and happy to be there. 

By the time I started taking pictures a new artist was performing (I later learned who was performing when I walked in. It was @naquininstagram. Sorry I couldn’t get any photos man!). The space started filling up with soul beats, one after the other. Growing up with this style of music, I couldn’t help but kick back and bob my head. The producer was @sincerely_mando. 


To give you more of an idea of the group of people in the spot that night, the next producer who played his music didn’t even have any social music or a Soundcloud to hear his music! His music had the same soul that fit the vibe of the event and even added a live performance element with his drum pad next to his computer. After his set, I introduced myself, showed him the photos I took of his performance and asked where I could find him and his music online. He told me he didn’t have any social media or a Soundcloud. He said he just makes this music for the culture. That’s real. That’s rare. (If you know who this guy is, give him a shoutout!) 


After this guy’s performance, another beat producer came up to fill the space with his music. He was introduced; Dibiase. it was a dope surprise. He played a soulful set and that concluded the night. 


After the performances, everyone kicked back for a bit and conversed. I met the creative placemaker at Sol Collective, Andru Defeye (@therealdefeye). He started telling me about Sol Collective and its goal in trying to promote the arts and educate the artists in the Sacramento community. Again, a genuine conversation. 

Meeting the people and being at the Synthphonic Sunday event reminded me of what it feels like to be in Sacramento’s culture. Down-to-earth people, artists who create just to create and an environment looking to grow the local arts rather than stifle the creativity. With so many changes happening in the city, it’s nice to see events like this keeping the soul alive. 

Check out some of the artists from that night: 



The Philharmonik 

Instagram: @thephilharmonik 


 Instagram: @sincerely_mando


Instagram: @naquininstagram 

You can learn more about Sol Collective at their website:

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